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Sam is a Producer for the Ask an Atheist radio show, President of Humanists of Washington, and “engineer” at some local LPFM radio stations.

He is originally from Chicago, lived in Arizona for nearly a decade, and now makes Tacoma his home. Before broadcast radio production and community organizing, Sam clocked 15 years in the IT and radio telecommunication industries, with a focus on open source solutions.

His first computer was an Atari 400, and his first Unix was AT&T SysV running on a 3B2 400. Or possibly NeXTSTEP, it was close. In his imaginary off time, he brews beer and plays with ham radio. In the Star Trek or Star Wars dichotomy, Sam chose Babylon 5. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

Speaker's Bio

Sam Mulvey is a host and producer of Ask an Atheist and President of Humanists of Washington. He is originally from the Chicago area, spending time in Phoenix, Arizona before deciding to make Tacoma his home. In addition to atheism and humanism, Sam has spoken about open source software and community media.

Ask an Atheist Bio

Ask an Atheist is a radio program which airs every Sunday at 3:00 PM on KLAY 1180 AM in Tacoma, WA. Ask an Atheist, now entering its third year, is a live talk show focusing on atheism, skepticism, and the separation of church and state. In addition to broadcast radio, Ask an Atheist is available online as a podcast, downloaded more than 25,000 times monthly from over 60 countries.