Trunk 3.0 Development

This is software under active development. Or rather, redevelopment.

Trunk 1 was a mailing list manager written to experiment with encrypted mailing lists and learn programming for internet stuff in the nineties. It kind of sucked. About five years later I rewrote it, ditching the encrypted mailing list stuff. Trunk 2 was a little nicer, and it managed to run a number of high volume discussion lists in various contexts on my mail servers, unchanged, into the present day.

Trunk was alright for the technological era, but web tech got nicer and the underlying technologies changed. So here’s Trunk 3, a nearly-complete rewrite of Trunk 2 using modern design and (again) slightly better code quality.

Not everything works yet. So if you’re being harassed by a mailing list on this server, please email and let me know. It will be handled quickly. And by quickly, I mean something akin to an iron fist.

And damnit, I’ll actually release it this time.


  1. Postfix with MySQL support
    1. Presently, virtual delivery is required, with some form of vhosting.
      1. I use dovecot, so it's designed to work with that. Local delivery wouldn't be too hard to set up at some point.
  2. PHP 7.x on the web and mail server.
  3. Recipient delimiter set to '+' for bounce detection
    1. This is *not* optional by design.
  4. And until I build a better install system: brains or Arch Linux.



  1. (DONE) create an index
  2. test for stronger passwords
  3. add active tag for list editor
  4. figure out active tag editor for user editor
  5. implement cert authentication
  6. create archlinux packages
  7. develop icon?
  8. responsive text size for jsgrid
  9. (DONE) LAST set != to == for forcehttps
  10. Make Trunk play nice with DKIM
  11. member editor


  1. redo mail interface
  2. make index subscription work
  3. create method for send via command
  4. replicate missing methods
  5. SOAP-ize API?
  6. sane and simple autoloading method
  7. make signature appending a lot more robust