Big Enormous Project List

Alright, I'll admit, I'm having trouble keeping my projects together.

The Timestamp: May 7th 2014

(I'm not pretending that this timestamp'll be changed every time I make changes, but it'll be a good way of specifying major changes.)

This list does not include day-to-day stuff for the show, any contracts, or stuff around the house. This is explicitly a project list.

Ask an Atheist Blog Stuff

  1. Consider, write depression article done.
  2. Implement APRS functionality for tour done.
  3. Write 6-10 Dialog - Write 11-15 Dialog - Write 16-22 Dialog Nevermind.
  4. Add “Upcoming Episode” “Post Show This Week”
  5. Convert Theme to jQuery
  6. Update multimedia widgets
  7. Make blockquote work better
  8. Get someone to manage the blog

Make Cloud

This was disaggregated from Answer, as Answer no longer needs these functions, but the household does.

  1. Install Owncloud
  2. Install Update Roundcube
  3. Install other things as needed

Studio Room

Status: studio

  1. Determine: - Source of materials for studio sound treatment - Costs - Phases and order - Start purchasing stuff - Work with Rich & Deanna about proper installation at all phases
  2. Or I could use the solid state SL6270C or LM3861) IC.
  3. I've ordered some SL6270C's and LM386s, but I think this, based off of a INA217, will work much better.

Studio Equipment

Status: Early phases

This really needs to be it's own page: Studio Project. But here's the major phases.

  1. Build Arduino i/o surfaces
  2. Construct computer behind workstation
  3. build cabinet
  4. preamps, wiring as needed in cabinet
  5. PA workstations

Answer v2

Status: Bugfix Cycle

Outstanding Bugs

  1. Gear Icon not in correct place in Safari2)
    1. This is happening because there's not enough space for longer names– damn my short three and four letter names.
  2. Not yet in GIT.
  3. Make clicking on throbbers do something
  4. implement email autotagging using becky's chart
  5. repair voicemail incorporation

Internal Projects

Server Housekeeping

Status: In Progress

  1. Upgrade to systemd: vac
  2. Upgrade to systemd: kali
  3. Wrap media server functions into kali
  4. Wrap Manyhats into kali/mitra
  5. Free disk space on server
  6. Establish regular backup services to Tethys
  7. (becky) Discuss bandwidth upgrade with Atjeu
  8. Expand RAM on existing virtual machines to >50% utilization
  9. Upgrade web accessible software
  10. Force SSL on

File Archive Simplification

Status: Early Stages

  1. Clean out interesting data from old Smokescreen drive, integrate drive into Tethys
  2. Bring Tethys Storage Capacity to Parity with Colossus
  3. Get PCIe SATA Card for Tethys
  4. Make Colossus run without destroying the eardrums of everyone within a mile
    1. Fix or circumvent the fans 3)
  5. Purge or archive Colossus data as appropriate
power amp, maybe not?
and therefore, iOS devices
Circumvented some fans, plugged other fans direct into motherboard, circumventing the fan controller which was the source of the beeping.