Streamathon Notes

Streamathon is a web interface for having a stream-a-thon.

Chatfux Notes

Chatfux is the chat system.

Technical Notes

It's a web chat, and I have to write it since I can't find one that does what we need it to do. The primary user interface is AJAX/jQuery based, sitting under the video window where viewers can interact with each other and the people on camera.

Because it's primarily web based, we're going with web technologies. Chat information is stored and passed via a MySQL database and stored procedures, thereby not requiring persistent connections to clients1).

The administrative interface will be separate from the web interface, via telnet, and looking an awful lot like a DDial.

Required Features

  • Login, Logout
  • Killing and Banning
  • Saying things
  • Private messages
  • Having handles
  • Actions
I could go with WebRTC or something like that, but it isn't well implemented