GNOME 3, Surface Studio Display Issues

TL;DR: This is unsolved. I need GNOME to either ignore different “monitors” and treat all connected displays as a single display, or I need it to honor xrandr –setmonitor settings. It is possible that by hand hackery of monitors.xml would accomplish this, but I don't know the schema well enough to say if it would work.

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2019/06/13 21:50 · sam

GPIO on Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi 3 (aarch64)

While everyone appears to prefer that you don't, performance is a bit better on 64bit ALARM vs. 32bit for what I'm doing. Also, I get that warm, tingly feeling of running upstream kernel without odd Broadcom or RPi Foundation patches.

That said, a lot of the basic stuff for managing GPIO isn't available. I had to poke for a few days to figure out what's going on, so I thought I'd document it, partially to save other people time, and partially so it's all in one place when I get back to it.


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2019/02/10 03:38 · sam

Simpler internal bridge for Xen on Arch using netctl

Just change 'Interface' and 'Dummy' appropriately, and you'll have a nice internal bridge for VMs without having to vswitch things.

Description='internal bridge for xen'
IPCustom=("link add $Dummy type dummy"
          "link set $Dummy up"
          "link set $Dummy master $Interface")
2019/01/10 17:37 · sam

Fix Thunderbird's Dumb Reply-To Behavior

  1. Open up the config editor in Edit>Preferences>Advanced, search for “mail.override_list_reply_to”, set to false.
  2. Try to find a better mail client.
  3. Cry at the state of desktop mail apps in Linux.
2018/10/18 19:12 · sam

Oregon Trail Device Board

I saw on Liliputing that they were selling one of those single game systems that had Oregon Trail instead of Frogger or whatever. I thought it might hold local interest a little longer than arcade games that only few of us remember. And then once done, I could do something terrible to it.

Also, I was wondering if they were doing something interesting in the hardware. Alas…

Click on the image for a full size image.

Those are some biggish COB blobs. I instantly thought NES-on-a-chip1) but they look a bit bigger than the standard dual NoaC and ROM splurts onto the substrate.

I should probe around a bit, because of the LCD panel. It looks like a standard panel, and I could probably fit one of the ILI9341 or so panels from ebay in it with few changes.

Also, if it *is* a NoaC, it might have composite video somewhere on the board. That could be interesting.

2018/03/06 21:15 · sam

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of which I have a few samples to work with