GPIO on Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi 3 (aarch64)

While everyone appears to prefer that you don't, performance is a bit better on 64bit ALARM vs. 32bit for what I'm doing. Also, I get that warm, tingly feeling of running upstream kernel without odd Broadcom or RPi Foundation patches.

That said, a lot of the basic stuff for managing GPIO isn't available. I had to poke for a few days to figure out what's going on, so I thought I'd document it, partially to save other people time, and partially so it's all in one place when I get back to it.


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2021/08/31 05:18

Digigram VX222e Isn't Seen in Arch Linux

Update 3 (02/10/2019): The fixes from the company didn't work, they stopped responding to my email, and further testing would require taking an operating radio station offline. I'll probably get back to it this summer. In the meantime, if you have information please contact me.
There's a fix from the company, but reasons have kept me from testing it. More later.
The card doesn't appear because there is a hardware revision that isn't supported in the current Linux firmware. New drivers are pending.

A radio station I'm working on has a machine with a Digigram VX222e connected to it.

According to the Digigram site, and ALSA, the sound card is supported by ALSA. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be detected as a sound card. Reading online, it requires some firmware, but it appears that my system has the proper firmware installed.

The VX222e is a PCIe card, but it appears to be PCI on the card with a PCIe to PCI bridge. According to Digigram's support site, they made a hardware change in March of 2017, and I suspect that this might be the problem.

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2021/08/31 05:06

Simpler internal bridge for Xen on Arch using netctl

Just change 'Interface' and 'Dummy' appropriately, and you'll have a nice internal bridge for VMs without having to vswitch things.

Description='internal bridge for xen'
IPCustom=("link add $Dummy type dummy"
          "link set $Dummy up"
          "link set $Dummy master $Interface")
2021/08/31 05:18

Fix Thunderbird's Dumb Reply-To Behavior

  1. Open up the config editor in Edit>Preferences>Advanced, search for “mail.override_list_reply_to”, set to false.
  2. Try to find a better mail client.
  3. Cry at the state of desktop mail apps in Linux.
2021/08/31 05:06

HP MediaSmart VGA/Serial Pins

Bought an HP home server with four sata bays for $20. Given that I've still got some old 500GB drives lying around, I figured I would use them for some cheap storage at my office.

Problem is, it ships with a Windows 2003 Home Server install. Obviously, not all that useful to me.

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2021/08/31 05:18

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