Linux, Serial, C, and Intel vs. ARM

I'm working on some mcu stuff and I kept running into the same problems when writing code to talk to it on Linux. I've been writing code on my desktop, moving it to either my Chromebook or an RPi.

So I'm writing it down sos I remember. I thought it might be because of the ch341 UART adaptor I had on my shitty arduino clone, but I'm running into it elsewhere.

  • In c_iflag, IRCNL is set on be default on ARM, converting CR's into NL's. Annoying when you write stuff designed to be understood by humans and machines.
  • cfsetispeed and cfsetospeed don't seem to work. cfsetspeed does.
  • O_NONBLOCK never seems to work right. Leave it alone and use c_cc[VMIN || VTIME] instead, because that's smarter anyway.

There will probably be more here.

2017/06/28 16:51 · sam

Get Out Of Infinality Part 1

This is what I do to my systems to get them up to date with freetype 2.7, which invalidates1) the infinality patches. This assumes you have multilib installed. Remove references to lib32- packages if you don't.

Step 0: Update system and get rid of orphans to make sure things are clean. Make sure you have an alternative wm like windowmaker installed so freetype2 problems aren't deadly.

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2017/01/18 17:08 · sam Cleanup

One of the problems with offering services to friends and acquaintences for free is that when they don't use your stuff anymore, they neglect to tell you.

There's about 18 years of disused email accounts, websites, and all sorts of weirdness in the servers, and starting today I'm cleaning it all up. I'm trying to make sure that I'm not getting rid of things that people are using, but rather than erring on the side of caution, I'm erring on the side of personal simplicity.

I'll be saving things for a while, but not likely permanently. If I step on something you want, contact me via mail or FB or whatever and I'll send you a copy. If you want it to stay on my servers, we can discuss that.

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2016/06/17 16:21 · sam

New IXGBE taurball

Updated for the most recent lts, and changes in the build process.


2016/05/24 07:24 · sam

Mystery PanDigital Digital Picture Frame

Not much to it. Got it at goodwill, found a header on it with serial output at 115200 TTL. I *think* I've found the input, but it hasn't been sensitive to input yet. What it does print out, however, is this:

MP620 MaskRom V002

SDRAM 8Mx16/16Mx16 Load NAND 
NAND ID : 000000D3
AP found
AP size : 0038AA10
AP check sum : FC394CD8
load OK
../source/main.c 1159
Enable PLL1 spread spectrum
CPU Initiale to 96MHz
-I- CPU Initial to 0077083f

dwMainProcSize 00527000
Network buffer pool 8094f000 00072000
disp buffer1 80773980 000ed800
disp buffer2 80861180 000ed800
Heap buffer  809c0980 0063f680
!!!Free_CacheWin 0
2016/03/11 10:16 · sam

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