Random Wayland Changes

Things I've needed to change on a few of my machines lately because Wayland:

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2020/10/09 12:27 · sam

Disable JACK autoconnect in Mumble 1.3 and later

I used to have to patch the JACK patch to make Mumble not auto-connect to the standard outputs. With JACK being officially supported in Mumble 1.3, that's no longer the case. Instead, you have to modify the config file by hand.

In ~/.config/Mumble/Mumble.conf:

It's a standard ini file, so look for a [jack] section. If one doesn't exist, create it:


And you're good to go.

2020/03/26 19:41 · sam

Pinouts from ESP8266 Boards I Bought Recently

I bought some cheap ESP8266 dev boards from ebay sos I can easily code on them without having to breadboard a programmer. I build a programmer, lost it, and these are cheap. Instead of having to build a new one I ordered these while I was out of town and they were waiting for me… which is nice.

Breadboard style:

Arduino style:

I'm sure these might be from some other design from a non-ebay seller, but I haven't really found them yet. Until I find those docs, I'll just use these.

2019/11/12 10:30 · sam

GNOME 3, Surface Studio Display Issues

TL;DR: This is unsolved. I need GNOME to either ignore different “monitors” and treat all connected displays as a single display, or I need it to honor xrandr –setmonitor settings. It is possible that by hand hackery of monitors.xml would accomplish this, but I don't know the schema well enough to say if it would work.

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2019/06/13 21:50 · sam

GPIO on Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi 3 (aarch64)

While everyone appears to prefer that you don't, performance is a bit better on 64bit ALARM vs. 32bit for what I'm doing. Also, I get that warm, tingly feeling of running upstream kernel without odd Broadcom or RPi Foundation patches.

That said, a lot of the basic stuff for managing GPIO isn't available. I had to poke for a few days to figure out what's going on, so I thought I'd document it, partially to save other people time, and partially so it's all in one place when I get back to it.


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2019/02/10 03:38 · sam

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