Radio Tacoma Technical Meeting 1

There's a lot to cover, so I'll move as quickly as I can. This agenda is available online at


  1. Introduce Yourself! Tell us:
    1. Who you are, etc.
    2. Technical Background
      1. Skills that you have now
      2. Skills that you'd like to have
    3. Something not technical about you.
  2. Meetings, Organization
    1. Regular Meetings
    2. Office Hours
    3. Operations vs. Engineering
  3. A Detailed Description of How KTAH-LP Currently Works
    1. Why Open Source?
    2. Why Arch Linux?!?!
      1. O Canada!
    4. ktah-exciter
      1. systemjack (Startup, process management, archiving, systemd interesting bits)
      2. ffmpeg (OPUS and MP3)
    5. ktah-dasdec
    6. ktah-txrouter
    7. ktah-xmtr
    8. rt-booter
  4. Current Major Tasks
    1. New Sound Card for KTAH-LP
    2. Compliance Check for KTAH-LP
    3. Studios!
    4. KTQA-LP Build Out, tower info here
    5. Caroline development (Sam)
    6. Communicating with the rest of Radio Tacoma
  5. Current Minor Tasks
    1. Implementing JMPX JMPX
    2. Better Monitoring for Systems
    3. Logging considerations

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Studio Room Pictures

The room is in the basement, relatively away from the street. It is 22' 3“ long and 15' 8” wide.

From the back of the room
back of the room, other side. Door is behind enormous wood thing.
From the door, Sharon for scale.
Salubroiusly broken window
Ceiling Fan