Far from Complete


  • 10x max232
  • 2x arduino pro micro
  • 2x drv134
  • 5x ssm2142
  • 5x drv134
  • 7x ina217
  • 2x hackaday trinkets
  • 100x in4148
  • 3x ad9850 modules

ICs, Transistors, MCUs

Yellow tackle box with removable clear plastic drawers.

ID What Datasheet Notes #
BC548NPN transistorlinkwp page, common50
BC549CNPN low noise transistorlinksee BC54850
2N2222ANPN amp transistorlinkcommon, wp page4
2N4401NPN transistorlink 4
2N3904NPN transistorlink 55
MPSA06NPN transistorlinkharvested1)5
MPSA56PNP transistorsee aboveharvested2)3
2N442PNP power transistorlinkancient1
4558DD2in OpAmplinkharvested3), known noisy7
NE5532P2in Low Noise OpAmplink 20
TL072CP2in Low Noise JFET-in OpAmplink 20
TL074CN4in Low Noise JFET-in OpAmplink 20
NE5534P2in Low Noise OpAmplink 10
INA2171in Instrument OpAmplink$5 PreAmp basis2
LM386Low Voltage PowerAmplink 9
SL6270CVOGAD4)link 2
4N25Optocouplerlink 12
CD4051BEmultiplexerlink 47
CD74HC4051Emultiplexerlink 3
74HC595Nshift registerlink 49
78L05JP5v voltage regulatorlink 5
1N281Germanium Signal Diodelink 1
NRF24L012.4Ghz Wireless Xcvrn/ahowto, playground10
Tiny RTCI2C Real Time Clockn/asome info, rpi5) and arduino3
16×2 HD44780 LCDDisplaylink 2
20×4 HD44780 LCDDisplaySee Above 2
ILI9320 2.4“ TFTDisplayn/asome info, rpi1
Arduino Pro MiniMCUlink 4
Arduino MicroMCUlink 2
Arduino UnoMCUlink6)3
Arduino Mega2560MCUlinkFor Studio I/O2
2560 ProtoSheildsArduino Sheildn/aFor Studio I/O2
1) , 2)
old stereo
old mixer
gain controlled mic preamp
according to this, R2 and R3 need to be removed
one head some dead pins, marked on back