Table of Contents

Last Updated: July 8th

Phone Numbers

Emergency253-883-3030 x9
Property Manager253-572-2403


  • Feed 2 scoops daily (1x a.m., 1x p.m.)
  • Scoop litter box 1x daily. Plastic bags are in the little cabinet in the cat room. More bags on pantry wall. Scooper is in bucket in cat room. Discard waste in outside trash barrel.
  • Add new litter when it gets low.
  • Check for any waste/vomit outside the box and clean with Murphy's Oil Soap and paper towel. (Cleaning products under kitchen sink).
  • Dump and refill “Thirsty” water bowl next to fridge in the kitchen. Wash with soap/water occasionally.
  • Brush them if you feel like it or if they are super sheddy (brush/combs in cat room cabinet)
  • Cats do not have a regular vet. 24-hour vet hospital: 253.474.0791


  • Water herb garden and marigolds every 3 days or so. 3-4 pitchers of water.
  • Pull any morning glories you see on herb garden or near rose bush—discard in yard waste barrel
  • Check water level in hydro garden, refill as needed.
  • Snip leaves at joints if they get taller than ¾ height


  • immediately recycle any circulars
  • envelopes/packages on kitchen counter
  • occasionally check front porch for packages


  • Occasionally vacuum/sweep tracked litter
  • Replace anything you use up
  • keep upstairs closed. You should only need to go up there to fix the internet, or as directed by Sam. In both circumstances, call Sam first.