Viginia Governor Bob McDonnell Convicted


  • Pro-Life, even in cases of rape and incest
  • Required parental consent for same
  • Supports drilling for oil (also wind, solar, etc.)
  • Opposes gay marriage
  • Opposes legal pot
  • In 1989, opposed legalization of contraceptives in a 1965 supreme court decision
  • Complaining about the previous governor's “lack of transparency”: “The citizens must be certain that the governor is attending to the duties for which he was elected. The governor is Virginia's chief executive and represents the commonwealth at all times.”
  • Also graduated from Regent's University.
  • Entered office $75k in debt with two properties losing money

So, these guys seem like normal people, and they're running up normal kinds of debt, and they wanted to get out of it before anyone noticed yet another conservative politician isn't particularly good at keeping books.

So, if everything's illegal in order to support your concept of morality, it's no surprise that you're up to illegal things.

Talbert Interview

  • One thing we kept hearing is how they “didn't think this was controversial!” How true was that?
  • Did you expect the controversy?
  • There were, I believe, six amendments to the bill? I can't imagine what the private session was like. What can you tell us about it?
  • Did you expect Flemming to vote no?
  • How did this get introduced?
  • How likely are we to see stuff like this in the future?
  • Where do we stand today?


In God We Trust America

Who: Jacquie Sullivan, Bakersfield, CA City Councilmember (R-Ward 6). 1995-present; Salvation Army advisory council, Executive Board of Bakersfield Rescue Mission, Daybreak Baptist Church, Bakersfield Christian Womens' Network, Youth for Christ. Who else? Targets are all elected officials at small levels

What: In 2002, the Bakersfield City Council voted in favor of proudly and prominently displaying the national motto of the United States of America, “In God We Trust”, in the City Council Chambers.  Jacquie Sullivan was the lead councilmember in this effort, and she considers it to be her most important accomplishment since she has been in elected office.  In 2004, Councilmember Sullivan organized “In God We Trust - America”, a non-profit organization.  The goal is to encourage other cities across America to follow Bakersfield's lead.. When: 2002 – present.

Where: local municipal levels, e.g. city/county councils

Why: equate god-proclamation with patriotism

How: Provide starter packets for constituents wanting to promote/display motto; how to approach your repreenattives.