CallScreamer Notes

Phone Numbers:

  • (Tacoma) (253) 248-6604
  • (New York State) (845) 470-0950

Pre-Launch Checklist

  • Answer Call
  • Fill out information
  • modify information
  • transfer to/from studio
  • transfer to/from parking lot
  • transfer to voicemail
  • take email message
  • verify information presists in all rooms
  • mute/unmute callers
  • functional studio interface
  • mute/unmute studio
  • hang up on callers
  • working outbound calls
    • persistent information
    • transfer to/from studio
    • transfer to/from parking lot

Extra Notes, If Needed

Mike called. I entered all info and hit “save data”. I took him thru studio, parking, voicemail, etc. Now all other calls have Mike's info show up when I send them to the parking lot that I can't overwrite (unless I hit “save data”). When I took Scott out of the lot and tried modifying the info and sending the call to the studio, but didn't “save data”, the info showed up blank on the studio call. Lesson learned: Hit “save data” all the time? Also with regard to “modifying data”, this can only be done while the caller is live, talking with the screener, as far as I can tell. If they are parked or in the studio I can't modify data unless I pick up with them again.

One time when Mike called back, it had his old data. The 2nd time he called back, it was blank. I entered data, hit “save data”, and then the first field reverted to “Change this part”.

Was editing this page. 2 calls were unmuted in the studio. The page suddenly reverted to “No calls” and they had dead air. Dustin tried calling and got “the person you are trying to reach is not available.”

They both got hung up on.

Scott noted that the hold “music” was different from the studio “music” (AaA fluoride episode and Johnny Dollar, respectively).

Making outgoing calls does not work. Screener dials, then hears 4 rings, then a busy signal. The person on the would-be receiving end never hears a ring.

Force reloaded. Made outgoing call to my cell. Old data still appeared despite the reload. Put my cell call in parking lot. Took back to queue to prepare transfer to studio. Old data disappeared. Had to reenter it for it to persist.

If screener has already called a guest and then tries to make another outgoing call while guest is still connected, it rings 4x and goes to busy signal.

On the studio interface, what's the big mute button on the bottom for? Mike was in teh studio the whole time, and noticed no difference whether it was depressed or not.