Running Arch on an Inspiron 7415

I'm now on my third/fourth iteration of the modern Dell Inspiron laptop, and I continue to like them because I can repair them. The problem that keeps breaking is the DC input barrel connector, but the most recent Inspiron uses USB-C, so magsafe ahoy.

There is, however, the AMD-ness of the laptop, which is something of a problem. So I'm documenting my changes here.

Kernel and Suspending

There is a really long thread about suspending and s0ix for these machines. Kerneloids and AMD are still working on the issue, but not all of the patches are in yet.

Long story short, the needed fixes are still a bit from mainline release. However, there was someone with a PKGBUILD in that thread that included all the packages1), so I build that and suspend works.

Input Device Weirdness

The touchscreen, touchpad, and potentially the keyboard all use HID-over-I2C, which is a hell of a lot more common than I thought. However, by default, the keyboard and mouse shows up as PS2 devices to the system, which means no two finger scroll. Blacklisting psmouse fixes that, but then there's a module race condition that tries to set up input devices before the i2c system is initialized. This modprobe config fixes both of those issues.


blacklist psmouse
softdep i2c_hid pre: pinctrl_amd


Other than that, everything works, including the fingerprint sensor, which is pretty surprising.

as well as some asus stuff I don't need