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 +====== Version Control? ======
 +Even thought I've been out of the coding game for a while now, I again find myself needing to keep track of changes to a number of coding projects I have.    I used to use CVS, but that was yonks((when did I pick up that word?)) ago and it seems there are a lot better tools around.
 +What I need:
 +  - Globally accessible
 +  - While I mainly plan it for my use only, it's possibly as things grow I might need to bring other coders on.
 +  - Some projects will be destined for open source, others will need to remain private (e.g. code for clients, internal crap)
 +  - Simple to set up and maintain
 +  - Simple to use, especially across multiple platforms. ​  ​Should be easy, most operating systems I use are POSIX compliant.
 +I'll be researching,​ but if anyone has any comments, I'd like to hear them.
 +I guess I'm asking, Git or SVN?
 +I used SVN briefly, but it seems to require a lot of apache tomfoolery that makes it hard to use in the environments I use them in.