Version Control?

Even thought I've been out of the coding game for a while now, I again find myself needing to keep track of changes to a number of coding projects I have. I used to use CVS, but that was yonks1) ago and it seems there are a lot better tools around.

What I need:

  1. Globally accessible
  2. While I mainly plan it for my use only, it's possibly as things grow I might need to bring other coders on.
  3. Some projects will be destined for open source, others will need to remain private (e.g. code for clients, internal crap)
  4. Simple to set up and maintain
  5. Simple to use, especially across multiple platforms. Should be easy, most operating systems I use are POSIX compliant.

I'll be researching, but if anyone has any comments, I'd like to hear them.

I guess I'm asking, Git or SVN?

I used SVN briefly, but it seems to require a lot of apache tomfoolery that makes it hard to use in the environments I use them in.


when did I pick up that word?