Blogging and The Bus

If I need to write about atheism, I've got the show, and if I need to say something else, Facebook usually does the job. But what I don't have is a place to talk about technology, at least since I've moved to Tacoma. Initially, that didn't bother me, since I had gotten kind of sick of the geek life and wanted to explore some new territory. I've figured that part out.

I'm starting to return to some technological stuff, and well, there are parts of the show that are starting to get quite technical. Also, there's parts of my network that should probably be documented– some days I can really smell the exhaust of the hypothetical bus.

I also need to complain about computers. Apple and Linux in particular. I'm in a state of flux right now. Mac OS X is moving in directions I don't like1), Linux is moving away from some of it's traditional stuff, some of it good, some of it total ass, and Microsoft was beginning to look viable– until Metro. Need a place to talk about that.

Wordpress, which I normally use, would probably do the job, but given the freeform, notebook nature of what I need this site to be, it was time to explore other options. I'm using Dokuwiki on other projects and it's great, so I'm trying it out as a blog. Function over from is the order of the day, so it'll be using the stock layout until I can get around to putting one together myself.

So here we are. This is the first post.


to say nothing of Apple's corporate policies