Oregon Trail Device Board

I saw on Liliputing that they were selling one of those single game systems that had Oregon Trail instead of Frogger or whatever. I thought it might hold local interest a little longer than arcade games that only few of us remember. And then once done, I could do something terrible to it.

Also, I was wondering if they were doing something interesting in the hardware. Alas…

Click on the image for a full size image.

Those are some biggish COB blobs. I instantly thought NES-on-a-chip1) but they look a bit bigger than the standard dual NoaC and ROM splurts onto the substrate.

I should probe around a bit, because of the LCD panel. It looks like a standard panel, and I could probably fit one of the ILI9341 or so panels from ebay in it with few changes.

Also, if it *is* a NoaC, it might have composite video somewhere on the board. That could be interesting.

of which I have a few samples to work with