NetBSD 6.0, Xen, and My Declining Sanity

So I've now had to recreate ganesha, the router for the Network, three times. Something… happens to the router, it dies, and when I start it back up, poof, major file corruption. “This can't be me,” I tell myself. “All I've done is change the IP address for the internal network and reboot, this shouldn't break all over my face!”

Alas, it is not, from the NetBSD 6.0.1 release announcement:

  • xen:
    • Prevent a memory corruption issue that locks up a Xen DomU, and can potentially cause file system corruption. (PR#47056, PR#47057)
    • Fix: Xen Dom0 NetBSD kernel could crash by adding duplicate xenwatches.

Man, I've been tracking 6.0-CURRENT for years. Had to, once Xen moved on to 4 and the old bit-flipping networking interface went away. Also, NetBSD is my only option for running PF in Xen with anything approaching decent bandwidth. I generally avoid .0 releases on anything… Linux, Mac OS, Postfix, but I thought I was safe here.

More the fool me.

That said, for something a lot of people call a “toy OS,” it's pretty decent. Sort of a less obtuse1) OpenBSD… which would sort of make sense.


and likely less secure as a result