I've been running for 17 years now. I was 19 when I started it up, to put things into perspective. It started out on a couple dumpstered 486s on an ISDN line in the south suburbs of Chicago. Back then, it really was a community project. Other people used it, other people worked on it, etc. etc. We all used pine or mutt. Nontrivial processing power was devoted to tinyfugue. Most people on it used MacOS 9, or Windows 98, so shell on the desk wasn't particularly common. I was using a SPARCclassic.

Since then, it's survived marriages, a divorce, interstate moves, three start ups, podcasts, broadcasting, OpenBSD, virtualization, you name it. And I always thought of it as more than just me. So I kept my personal stuff off to the side, leaving the front door open for everyone, or at least something representative.

That changes now. With this newest version of (and the biggest change in a decade), combined with a forthcoming “New Year's Resolution” thing I'm working on, I've decided running the two websites separately is annoying. Other people still use services, and more people will use it in the future… but is me. I should reflect that.

So now, just goes to And there'll actually be something useful here. Also, the server has moved to Quebec.