The servers are installed on-site, and I’m in the process of configuring them for, but the tar file I made of all of the old home directories and other associated data is corrupt for some reason. This means I have to make new tarballs and transfer (slowly) over the network. It may be a few days before service is fully transferred, and it may take up to a two weeks to have all of your home directories restored.

Really sorry about that.

For those that asked: There will be no loss in mail service. Mail that comes here, if here happens to be down, is queued at the secondary MX on Greg’s server in California. As soon as I come back on, I can let his server know that I’m alive and it’ll send the mail this way. Note: Though, like I said, your mail directories might be a while in coming.

Files, OpenBSD 3.7


I am, right now, taking a tarball of everything on mark seven, and copying it over to mark eight. Any files you save on the system from here on in will not make it into the new system. This is true on *all* systems, including databases. I will probably make a larger effort to insure that the databases are kept up to date, but I make no guarantees on that.


I have modified’s mail system to dump a copy of each message received into a temporary directory. Once the mail server is moved, I will copy these files over to the new server and redistribute them among the accounts. This is still not a foolproof plan, but hopefully this will allow us to have not only contiguous mail reception, but both servers will be up to date on the mail received.

OpenBSD 3.7

OpenBSD 3.7, due out this Thursday, is already installed on the new machine. I didn’t want to install 3.6 only to miss out on significant updates that come out a few days later, so I spent not an insignificant amount of time compiling OpenBSD by hand. While this may seem like a waste of time, I would have had to compile OpenBSD by hand anyway since the server has a SCSI RAID system which the OpenBSD folks have disabled default support for. There is no serious technical reason for this, it’s a political move to get Adaptec to release driver documentation.

I can dig that, but it’s not like I can run out and go buy another SCSI adapter just to keep Theo De Raadt happy. I think it would take quite a bit more than that, honestly.

The New Server

I found a Dell PowerEdge 2450. It has:

  • Dual Pentium 3 867 Processors
  • Two 18GB 10k RPM hard drives
  • 512M PC133 (sigh) RAM
  • Dual power supplies
  • Two fxp ethernet ports
  • One 160GB SATA Drive

As you might imagine, I hacked the SATA drive in. We’re, at this moment, using more than the 36GB that the built in drives would afford. And I imagine once people see the extra bandwidth we get when I move to the colo, I figure that people will be storing more things there. So an extra drive was needed. I used SATA because you can get drive cables up to a meter in length, which is great when you have to snake through a long 2U case. I’ve got pictures, I’ll post them later.

I have no room for the tape drive on the new server. So as it used to be, there will be no regular backups for for a while. I’m thinking I might make a monthly transfer to one of my development server and do the tape backup then. But I also might install the tape drive in an external enclosure.

Also, note that the server is not as beefy, CPU wise, as the current server is.

I’ll be using OpenBSD 3.7 for the new server.

The Return of Indra

  • Cobalt RaQ 3
  • 300MHz K6 Processor
  • 384MB of RAM
  • 80GB hard disk
  • Running Gentoo 2005.0 with a 2.6 kernel

There is some software that I run which requires a Linux box. Currently, this software is running on my development PC, but that machine is way to big to move into the colo. This machine will sit behind vac, and it will not have a directly accessible IP address for security reasons. In order to get shell on the machine you’ll need to connect to vac first, but I don’t think anyone will really need to have a shell there.

What was on the MOTD

5/10/05 -- Moving AGAIN is currently housed in my apartment.  I'm going to be out of that
apartment in about a month, so I need to find new digs for   I'm
going to look into transferring the DSL account over to the new place,
but it's north enough that DSL coverage is extremely unlikely.  I'm
either going to shell out of CBI again, or possibly move into the
racks at work if I can find a server and get permission.

This will be happening in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

5/12/05 -- UPDATE

Okay, not the next couple of weeks, but next WEEK.   DSL isn't
happening, and CBI is way too expensive for me right now-- they changed
their rates.   So into the rack at work it goes.   The machine needs to
be a rackmount server, so this means a hardware change.   More news as
it happens.


iChat supports jabber now. I’ve set up a server on, and my Jabber JID is the same as my main mail address, which should be rather easy to figure out if you look at my web URL.

I went to the local Tiger release thingy. I’ve been ill, but I’ll get around to posting my thoughts about that when I have a moment.