Flashcache Disabled, Indra Shutdown

I’ve disable the SSD flashcache plugin, for a couple of reasons explained after the break.

More importantly, I’ve decided to shut down Indra, the virtual machine what provides shell access to people logging into vis.nu.   The reasons are very simple– no one uses it.    vis.nu has evolved since 1998, and where almost everything was done via shell back in the day, these days most people use web interfaces.   If they need shell, they use their local shells, for the most part.   Even I use a VM on my local network rather than log into indra.   So to save resources, and maintenance time on my part, I’m shutting it down.

Should we need to bring it back, it’d be relatively trivial.   SSH services (the only thing really handled by indra) will now be directed to kali, the web server.

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