Move Complete, Winter Cleaning!

Okay, the server move is done, and we’re even on the same IP we were on before we moved.   The machines will still answer on the old IPs for the next couple days, but it looks like world DNS has caught up and I’m only seeing a few bytes a second over the old link.

Also, I’ll take this move as an opportunity to close out some old stuff that hasn’t been updated in a million years, over the next few weeks.   Old domains, projects, email accounts, things like that.   I’m not deleting anything or removing anything that looks like it’s been used recently, but if I do, email me and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Transition Back to Arizona Begins Today

Hey folks!


As most of you know, I’m closing my office in Tacoma and combining my work and living situations.   Part of that move is relocating my main servers out of a rack that I keep to a recently built server at a colocation facility in Phoenix, AZ.     I’m happy to report that the server is built, shipped, and booted at the new facility, and all of the virtual machines that were running in Phoenix already (mostly podcast distribution) have been running on the new hardware for several days.


Today, I’m moving the virtual servers in Tacoma to their new home.      This means shutting down each server one by one, refreshing the copy on the new server so all the data is up to date, and starting it on the new server.    The process takes about half an hour for each server, more for some, less for others.   During the copy time, those services will be unavailable.


Once this is done, I’ll be changing DNS entries to point to the new IP address, or contacting people to make that change if I cannot.


I’ve set up a dual-routing and VPN system that’ll let the new servers respond at the old and new IPs at the same time, cutting out transition outage time.   It does mean that access at the OLD IP will be a bit slower and have higher latency, since all requests go back out over the network to Phoenix.    But it will work as normal until we’re fully moved out of the old IPs.



If you have any questions, please contact me.