The Great Convergence is Complete!

I moved the PSA server into the cluster, and then figured I would stick with technology that works and research more advanced routing possibilities later.   There was a bit of an ARP twiddle, but after I got that moved, I’m happy to say that the move from 14 virtual machines to 6 is complete.

Now that I’ve simplified things, I can actually start on some improvements.     That’ll happen a little later, I need to catch up on stuff first.

Web Server Integrated

The tactel and web servers are now integrated, leaving just the dev/shell and firewalls left out of the cluster, as well as the PSA server, which, save for mail services, remains separate from the new cluster.

Integration of PSA begins once and tactel are fully integrated.

Also, all webmail services are now through, including mail services.   This way, all I have to do is focus on getting one webmail client up to spec.    This includes password, domain, and mailing list management.

You’ll note the https, and it is indeed encrypted, but with a self-signed certificate at this time.

I’m going to begin on implementing the other portions now, and then moving on to PSA.   Once that’s complete, I’m going to being transitioning all active WordPress installations into a single multisite system, again to make our lives easier.

Mail Servers Integrated!

The server integration continues apace!

Since the new and old servers are actually on the same physical hardware, stuff gets moved and integrated pretty quickly.   Lists, accounts, web clients, and admin stuff is moved off of the old server and onto the new.   There are pointers in place to help you find them.

The current URLs are temporary as we continue to move new services.   As you’ll note, web clients and stuff all have Tacoma Telematics logos on them, as they’re now the same system.   Make no mistake!   It’s still under the hood.