In Case You’re Still Reading…

Hello, seventeen months later.   I have news! is sort of melting.

In short, I’m administrating three separate systems for mail, web, and what have you, all of which are now virtual machines living on the same server.   All in all, I’m talking about thirteen or fourteen different virtual machines, some 32bit, some 64bit, and all of which right now are in serious need of upgrading.

In order to simplify my life, I’m combining all of these systems to run in an entirely new cluster of VMs running under the names.   This includes all my corporate stuff, and all the stuff I’m doing for that other thing I’ve been up to for the last couple years.

Part one just began– Tacoma Telematics and are now using the same database, this time running MariaDB because Oracle is scary.   And I’m going to make a real go of it this time, and try to get back a lot of the cool stuff I had on before I had to move it.

More as it happens.