Databases Moved to New Server

The database server on has been shut down, and all connections are being forwarded to the new database server at the new location

To recap, at this point, mail is being saved on the new server and is active via NFS, and all database connections are being forwarded to the new MySQL server.   The only remaining active services are shell and web, and movement of those services are underway.

Mail Migration Complete

As of about 30 minutes ago, mail is back up and running.

All active domain maildirs were copied to the new server, and then the new server’s mail storage partition was NFS mounted here via the VPN, so all mail is actually being stored on the new server.

This means mail actions might be a bit slow for the next few days as I continue to move other services to the new server.  The plan is to move things a service at a time so the switch over is nearly seamless.   Databases are next, followed by hom directories and a standard shell environment.

The web directories (after some significant cleaning out) are last, and once that’s complete, I’ll make the DNS changes to point to the new server, move this machine off this IP, and move the DNS-only VM into place.

If you’ve got a domain that points to, you’ll want to change to the new IP,  I’ll be contacting people individually about that later on.

Mail Will be Down for a While

Mail service will be shut down from 7 PM to 9 PM as I take a snapshot for migration to the new server in Washington.   This includes all the mailing lists.   I would have picked a better time but I’m starting to be under the gun.

Update 9:37 PM: I lied– I sometimes forget how long tarring up 10G of maildirs takes.  I’m almost through it, but the largest accounts are still to compresss.

Update 1:08 AM: The compression portion is done, and the transfer is about 75% complete.  After the untar, the system will be back up and running, but at somewhat reduced bandwidth until the transfer is complete.   More on that later.