Goes to Washington

Hell, this is what?   Move #70 it seems like, not to mention that this is state #3. is over a decade old, and while it hasn’t seen an upgrade in a while, I haven’t ignored it.   I’ve just been very busy, as some of you know.   The new server (brahman) is a machine given over to Xen entirely for   This means that major functions have have their own virtual machines.   The shell server, the one most of you will see, will remain indra, while we’ll have a return of vac and kali and the introduction of a few others.

The first thing to move, mail services, will essentially be transparent as it’s completely separated from the shell services anyway.   There may be the usual DNS lag, as well as some short downtime while I move the actual stored mail from Arizona to Washington.

After mail, we’ll be moving web, after web, we’ll be moving shell services (which I think only four of us use anyway).

If you have any questions, as usual, email me.