I’ll admit that I haven’t been paying much attention to over the last year, but I promise that I’ve patched all the big scary security holes (hole, actually) that have been discovered since I last posted.  There are things happening, however.

Mission Control

I’ve upgraded roundcube (the webmail client) to the newest version, and installed a managesieve plugin for it.   That means that your inbound filters can be configured right from the mail client, and the kludgy filter program we’ve been using can go away.   More information is on the mission control page.

System Upgrades

I’m presently finishing up a full system library update, which will be the last update of this incarnation of   The server will be leaving Arizona in a few months and moving into the data center at my office.   But more on that later. Website

I’ve set up a generic install of WordPress to handle the MOTD from here on in, since I no longer actually have a web page of my own.   For now, I’ve redirected the main website to the MOTD blog.