Outage Yesterday, Updates

MagpieRSS was being less than useful regarding chunked HTTP encoding, so I dropped it in favor of a simpler SimpleXML solution, since that’ll be more portable anyway. The shell MOTD generator is now fixed, and the main page updates will be fixed shortly thereafter.

There was an outage yesterday as I moved the server to it’s new rack. For some reason, OpenFirmware decided it didn’t like the realtime clock settings anymore, and a second started meaning a millisecond to the system. Entering in your username and password within 120 milliseconds is hard. Also, network timing didn’t want to work.

Fortunately, I got a fix from Freenode, and all is well. If it happens again, I can talk the colo people through it if I can’t get down there myself.

There will be an outage this weekend, probably, as the colo people make sure we’re not drawing too much power. Probably only a few minutes late at night, so no worries.