Mail Changes

I fixed Dovecot up so that it would include your folders under the inbox folder. I had to do this for two reasons. First, not having it that way was causing some people trouble. Second, I created a shared folder for spam and ham training, under the “Spam Training” namespace. Those of you with, you should see it right away. Those of you with Thunderbird or some other client may have to subscribe to those folders.

Either way, your mailer may have to reindex your messages, which is non-trivial for some of us. Sorry about that.

Upgrade Information

As a lot of you guys are aware, we have moved the service onto a new system. There are many, many changes, most of them having to do with mail. A semi-comprehensive explanation of these changes is available on my website, which you can see by going to this link:

The rest of this post will be behind a cut to keep it short.

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There are only a limited number of reasons I would ask you to change your password. Accounts who do not change their passwords by the time we move to the new system will be deactivated. If you have questions or need help, contact me in email or IM.

Tellurian folks, don’t worry. Any of you still out there?

12/13 Update:

We were down for most the day because of a hardware failure. I am working on getting the new server up and running as fast as I can. There are many changes I am implementing at the same time, so it’s slow going. It’ll be better, I promise.