The new, temporary replacement server, yama.vis.nu, is currently at the colo and undergoing final configuration to take over duties currently assigned to this server, which would be pretty much everything. The user accounts are over there, with the old passwords, so there won’t be Password Changing Dance like there was when we went from Linux to OpenBSD in ’99.

There is more technical information, but I will leave it for the website. If you have email hosted here, it would be a good idea to go look.

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The Future of vis.nu

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had to deal with three separate outages, totaling about 16 hours of downtime and 9 hours of my own personal time to repair. Both outages occurred for reasons that are out of my control and absolutely unnecessary if the proper measures are taken.

I will discuss these measures in this post, and I would really appreciate comments about your thoughts on the matter, technical or otherwise. To view this post directly, go to http://sam.vis.nu/category/computing/visnu-networks/.

The MOTD is going to end here, but the post continues on for a long time at the website, and there is a place for you to comment. I urge (don’t make me beg) you to go to the site and add your thoughts. If you’re reading this MOTD, you’re part of vis.nu, and I would really appreciate your comments.

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