Mail and Web Updates

New Mail SSL Certificate

I have purchased an SSL certificate for   So, in your mailer, as long as you use “” as your mail server, it will no longer complain about a self-signed certificate.

This also means that SSL is now fully functional for the webmail client.   Since we no longer have the self-signed certificate concern, I will be disabling webmail access via standard HTTP.   Finally.

Why hadn’t I heard of SNI years ago?

Web Server Update

The hard part of upgrading the server is done now.   So that’s good.    Aggregate downtime was about five minutes, hooray for virtualization.

I’m going to be adding some other things to the web server (in anticipation of wrapping the media streaming and distribution functions out of the media server), but that will have downtimes measured in milliseconds.


So, the Comcast tech is here in the building, and he says that the WA market doesn’t use modems other than the one I’ve got for business accounts, so the fix I was hoping for was a bust.    He says there’s a lot of RF noise and he’s working on that, and he’ll swap out for a different modem of the same type.  I was told that the routing problem we’re seeing is a firmware issue, so I don’t hold out a lot of hope for this being a good solution.

So I’m on to Plan F: Abandon the affected IP addresses and ask for my money back.   I’m going to start the process of moving said services onto a different IP.   Since there isn’t a physical move involved, there should be no appreciable outages (other than when the modem decides to crap the bed again).

Puget Sound Atheism and Networks are the only affected subsystems– basically, everything brought into the corporate substrate from The Great Convergence.  It’s all one set of servers now, but it still speaks on three addresses.

I’ll just move them onto the same IP as Tacoma Telematics, and all should be well.   This is also a temporary solution, as there’s likely another move coming up.