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5/10/05 -- vis.nu Moving AGAIN

vis.nu is currently housed in my apartment.  I'm going to be out of that
apartment in about a month, so I need to find new digs for vis.nu.   I'm
going to look into transferring the DSL account over to the new place,
but it's north enough that DSL coverage is extremely unlikely.  I'm
either going to shell out of CBI again, or possibly move vis.nu into the
racks at work if I can find a server and get permission.

This will be happening in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

5/12/05 -- UPDATE

Okay, not the next couple of weeks, but next WEEK.   DSL isn't
happening, and CBI is way too expensive for me right now-- they changed
their rates.   So into the rack at work it goes.   The machine needs to
be a rackmount server, so this means a hardware change.   More news as
it happens.

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